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Friday, November 09, 2007

Things People Say (And Do!)

I've had a busier than usual month or so of catering recently.

Here, er hear (?), are some choice things heard:

- "It was costing me $3,200 for a round of golf"

- "When I was living in Indonesia, I would have paid $100 for a glass of water like this"

- "I'm holding out on my husband even though we are away from the kids this weekend. I'm pissed he doesn't help around the house more"

- Girl #1: "You should see how nice the men's bathrooms are!"
Girl #2: "It doesn't matter how nice a bathroom is, you can still do cocaine in it."

And some things seen:

- A group from Ohio at a wedding brought their own Ohio State beer coozies. No need for bev naps for these folks!

- The same group had a few people wearing necklaces made out of buckeyes. Or made from the nut from the buckeye tree. I plead total ignorance of such knowledge.

- And again, at the same wedding, during the break in "Hang On Sloopy" the crowd did this whole Y-M-C-A-esque shout out: O-H-I-O!

- A couple cupping each other's asses at the same time (and you guess it... it was at the same wedding!)

- Legendary soul/r&b beach music artists The Spinners performed

- George Dickel and pickle shots

If I remember anymore I'll be sure and add them...


Kevin said...

I always thought LSU fans were the worst as far as taking everything to the extreme, but then we moved to Ohio State country.
At least LSU fans can cook.
Guilty as charged....I love The Spinners.

greg said...

kevin, what's not to like about a band who scored a hot with a song called "rubber band man"...