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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can Of Worms

When Chag over at Cynical Dad asked me to step in to guest VJ over at his site this week, I had no idea that it was going to open of a can of worms: I've been late night surfing YouTube for lost gems from my youth everyday since the invite.

After I can home from band practice last night, I sat outside with an adult beverage and took in the natural wonder that is a lunar eclipse.

I came inside and resumed my surfing from the night before but with the full moon on my mind. You see, I often get what my wife refers to as male PMS and I often get these bouts around full or new moons. Being an Aquarius, I do find that the moon and the water have strange affects on me. I have written on the site before about how sometimes I feel unhinged and on the verge of bugging out during these times.

At the beginning of the week I told my wife I just wasn't feeling right, that I felt anxious and edgy but that I couldn't put my finger on the place from whence it came.

That was until I saw the newscast about the lunar eclipse.

It led me to browsing the internet on the subject of lycanthropy and skin-walkers and "going full moom mad." And maybe I put some validity to such matters because I grew up on a steady diet of Bela Lugosi and Lon Cheney (and Abbott & Costello!), Stephen King, the Misfits and Fang that leads me to believe that somebody, somewhere turned into a wolf under a full moon once.

Don't know Fang?

Well, here they are in all their vintage VHS tape glory. I don't know too many people who cite themselves as hardcore Fang fans, as most people thought they sucked. But, and this is probably still true to this day, I've always been draw to the outcasts of the outcasts, the non-conforming non-conformists and all those who skirt the edge of the edges of society and for me Fang were one of those bands.

I've said enough...