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Thursday, June 26, 2008

And I Try, Tra,Tra,Tra,Tra, Try

But I just can't get no satisfaction.

I went to Social Security today.

This time I had the smarts to get there about an half an hour before it opened making - I was 12th in line.

The waiting room was like equal parts Unemployment, INS and a mental ward.

I stared at this picture for about 40 minutes marveling at the cigar and the placement of the ashtrays on the desk.

The guy next to me said he had previously come to this office only to find that they were averaging about one person per hour: I think there were seats for about 50 people.

I thought about a movie idea where some guy steals another dude's identity only to be royally screwed by the new guy's ID.

He goes to the bank but there's no money.

His credit cards are maxed out and long overdue.

And now the IRS is after him.

Then I remembered some Ben Affleck movie I saw some time back that was sorta like the idea I was thinking about and soon after I flushed it down my mental toilet.


When I got home the phone rang and it was some lady and she asked to speak to my wife and the caller ID said "Mary Handsome" and she proceeded to bitch about how she was gonna call her lawyer on us to get an insurance claim paid for because of the whole stolen car thing.

She got my wife all riled up which is not a good thing to do right now.

This led to a phone call to the police department to rip them a new asshole for giving out our information to this crazy la-dee from the ghetto. Turns out they didn't.

Rather somebody has been calling the department asking for the report. I gather this woman's car was involved in one of the accidents that happened when the thug fled the scene and was looking to cash in on it.

By any means necessary I guess as she was hinting at extortion or some shit.

Welcome to Durham.