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Monday, September 18, 2006

I, Caterer - Say What?

My catering peers and I, we have this thing about overheard conversations.

Because in my business, people say the damnest things. And we get to hear it all.

Here are a few choice comments recently heard:

- "My office is full of academiologists"
[Duke University staff are allowed to make up words]

- "The kids these days have bloggeritis"
[It's a terrible disease. Incurable they say.]

- "The best way to get rid of geese, if you have a geese problem, is to soak crackers in anti-freeze." [Um, yeah.]

- "Dumpstering for furniture is much better in New York City,"
[That's why grad school is better in the Northeast.]

- "This drink is not for me." [Do I care?]

- "Let's all raise your wine, your beer, your Coke... and make a toast"
[The Lt. Governor of North Carolina during a speech at the Pepsi Sail America tall ships event]