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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rob & Big

Tonight is the season finale and final episode of the MTV hit show Rob & Big.

If you pay close attention, you just might hear the Chest Pains song "Action!" tucked somewhere in the television show.

Below is the trailer for Season 3:

My Friends The Wrens


  • They are back to making babies!

  • This time around my neighborhood wrens have decided to make a nest in this pine cone Christmas tree thingy my wife made during one her Martha Stewart moments.

    While it is obviously an awesome place to make a birdy home - it comes with a heavy price as it is located next to the front door and therefore finds itself next to heavy foot traffic. I moved it a little bit further down the porch so it would be bit more out of the way of the kids but not far enough away to confuse the birds.
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    Cheetos Sandwich


    Crazy busy and finding little time to write anything.

    Yet it's times like this when I feel I have the most to write about.


    Above is a staple sandwich from when I was a kid: The Cheetos Sandwich.

    White bread with yellow mustard, yellow cheese and topped with Cheetos.

    It doesn't get any better than this folks.
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