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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bright Lights 'n' Big Sinks

Moving sucks.

There's no doubt about that.

I moved a total of 2.5 miles but in that distance I switched from being a resident of Durham to citizen of Chapel Hill.

I didn't realized when I settled on the new digs that I would be changing towns. Zip codes yes, towns no.

There are many subtle differences I did not expect in the relocation like the fact that the new crib doesn't come with a microwave. I'm not Mr. Microwave or anything it just seems like in this day and age having a microwave in a rental would be a given... so why ask if there is one?

One thing I know I will miss from the old place was the bathroom. It was a nice one, brigh lights 'n' big sinks. A shower that also functioned as a two-person tub with glass sliding door. There were dual vanities, a nice linen closet and of course one awesome shitter.

My boys loved it as well (as you can see by the drawing)and dubbed it the "stinkhole."

The new place has a cramped vanity. How do you cramp one sink and one sink only? But doors? Oh hell yeah it has got them.

One to enter. Two for the linen closet. One to close off the toilet and shower from the sink and yet another right across from the hopper that would probably fall under "storage." My other bathroom had drawers and lots of them.

Apparently doors are more important that drawers.

There's a pathetic attempt at a medicine cabinet; even the toilet paper holder sucks.

Curious to hear what my boys sat about it when they see it.

Now tell me about your bathroom.