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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Like Every Drink Is His Last

My seven-year-old son drinks ever drink like it could be his last and it is downright annoying.

He'll rush over to his cup, open the fridge, pour some juice into his cup and then stand there with the door open gasping, huffing and sighing his way through the juice like he was lost at sea for days.

He does this almost every time.

Drives me bonkers.

He eats cereal this way too... and does that clanking spoon thing right along with it.

I have to leave the room when he eats cereal for breakfast.


My wife and her friends have invented a new thing among moms.

They call it shrinking - which is shopping and drinking.

I'm not talking Paris Hilton style where you go into some high rent store and they give you a glass of wine or champaigne.


I'm talking about going to the mall, having some drinks, browse the racks, maybe buy something, head back to the bar, drink some more, browse again and possibly buy something.

The key, said my wife is to go before the weekend dinner rush for the drinks, shop while most people eat only to return themselves for some appetizers/drinks when most are finishing their dessert.

Then return to browsing the racks.

Wild times for wild women.