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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Like Every Drink Is His Last

My seven-year-old son drinks ever drink like it could be his last and it is downright annoying.

He'll rush over to his cup, open the fridge, pour some juice into his cup and then stand there with the door open gasping, huffing and sighing his way through the juice like he was lost at sea for days.

He does this almost every time.

Drives me bonkers.

He eats cereal this way too... and does that clanking spoon thing right along with it.

I have to leave the room when he eats cereal for breakfast.


Phil said...

My kids do that too. They act like they're dying of thirst. They also do this with treats like pudding and yogurt... No ability to actually savor and enjoy the food. Just gobble and slurp.

When my daughter drinks water, she stands there making loud gulping sounds and then finishes it all out of breath.

MileHiDad said...

I have been known to act this way after my son goes down for the night while cracking a solo 24 ounce Frost Cold Paralyzer!