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Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Accidents

I was having lunch last week with my friend Todd who I hadn't seen in quite some time. We had met as interns working on the radio show The Story several years ago.

We both shared a mutual affection for skateboarding and photography and for a world where art and life overlap each other.

We were geeking out over discussions on cameras and lenses and film stock (or the lack there of these days) when our discussion turned photography phone apps like Instagram.

I asked if he frowned upon them because it has been said that it takes the art away from photography. He didn't bemoan the presence of photo apps but expressed that for him, photography was as much about processing as it was about framing a subject (if not more).

He spoke about how he buys expired film. Because he generally cross processes anyway and he likes to shoot with a Holga. One thing he likes about his hands-on approach is that sometimes they'll be "happy accidents" - an unplanned effect that wouldn't hinder the photo but rather add a unique element to it.

I was having problems with my phone the other day while trying to shoot some outtakes during a cover shoot for the magazine I work for and had some technical difficulties for reasons I couldn't understand.

I got some happy accidents.

This is one of them.