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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Scream For Ice Cream


You should have heard the lungs on this boy, tired from walking the NC Zoo and so thirsty that only Gatorade would do (and of course they don't sell Gatorade at the NC Zoo).

So what do you do?

You make do with an ice cream sandwich. Posted by Picasa

Double Negative

Kevin Collins of Raleigh's Double Negative pixelated during a performance at Chaz's Bull City Records in Durham.

Yeah. Chest Pains played too. Posted by Picasa

The Ghost Of Longboarders


Why some guy is standing next to me at a show in Carrboro, NC, sporting a longboard is a mystery.

A mystery. Posted by Picasa


Bellingham, WA.'s Black Eyes And Neck Ties.

My band played with them last week. Horror-influenced garage rock kind of like the Murder City Devils.


Kinda like that. Posted by Picasa


That's existential.


It has been awhile.


Haven't felt the urge to purge my words on these pages for quite some time.


Look at this and ponder your exestential existence. Posted by Picasa