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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yep, That's How They Roll

Street Shark's style.

Rocking the loafers.

Amen. Posted by Picasa

Street Sharks (Slight Return)

Wait until you see this guy's shoes. Posted by Picasa

Sepia Sharks

Somebody turn me off. Posted by Picasa

The Fucking Street Sharks

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Punk Rock Hootenanny

Sunday night my band the Chest Pains played a show at Chaz's Bull City Records in Durham. We played with Raleigh's Street Sharks (pictured), Richmond's Pink Razors and some other band that opened from Wisconsin.

This shot pretty much sums up the night.

I fulfilled a life long dream of being in a band and having people sing along with you; we played of cover of Government Issue's "Hall OF Fame" [Joyride version] and had a good four or five people singing along during the chorus. Posted by Picasa

Being A Dad Is Cool

As much as raising kids can make you insane, it can be the most rewarding thing in your life.

left: Spencer Brooks, 5 1/2, 45 lbs. likes sports, art and Thin Lizzy.

right: Cole Burdick, 2 1/2, 35lbs., likes sports, art and the Chest Pains. Posted by Picasa