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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Mighty Conch

Spencer proudly displaying the conch shell he found in the shallows at low tide during our stay at North Topsail Beach.

I told him to act like King Neptune and blow it like a horn because it would attract mermaids.

"Now why would I want to do that that?" he said.

Hopefully I'll get around to posting some pictures of the many sharks teeth we found that week. Posted by Picasa

The Thrill Of Victory

Spencer celebrates his victory over Cole in a raucous game of sand skee ball. Notice the evil eye the defeated Cole is giving his big brother... Posted by Picasa

Gone Fishin'

The boys head to the New River Inlet just above North Topsail Beach, NC, to try and catch some fish. Posted by Picasa


Because I have this idea of one day doing a coffee table book consisting of nothing but photos of clouds taken in various parts of the world.

Summer 2006, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Posted by Picasa

Pool Play

Spencer and Cole at the pool at Meadowmont in Chapel Hill. We sucked it up and joined the pool for the summer... and man what a blessing that was!

This summer was only the second time ever in my life I had tan feet. Posted by Picasa

Learning To Skate

Spencer on a recent Saturday morning working on the finer elements of skating like learning to fakie, to do kick-turns and trying to master the all-essential ollie. Posted by Picasa

Coming Soon!

Lots of update.

Now that school has started for my 6-year-old first grader and my 3-year-old toddler will do the preschool thing three mornings a week starting tomorrow, I'll have plenty of time to dedicate to putting words up on here.

Until then, enjoy some pictures from the summer...