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Friday, June 06, 2008

Metaphors Aside...

It's days like this I can't get this Third World song out of my head.

"Real hot!!"


There's a reason behind the current heat wave going on in the southeast: and that reason is the NC Dad Summit.

I've managed to round up a group of stay-at-home dads (future,past, and present) from around the Tar Hell state to participate in some group discussions while eating pork barbeque and drinking beer.

It was a feat in and of itself and one that will surely reap some rewards, just what those rewards are I cannot say at the moment.

For all you last minute planners, here's the info:

NC Dad Summit

3pm-5pm: meet, greet and eat

5pm-7pm: discuss topics such as -
a.) dealing with isolation and depression
b.) blogging for money
c.) financial management and the need to spend
d.) life with a special needs child
e.) dads and daughters

7pm to whenever - solve the world's problems

The last one is where we really get deep.

We got a nice write up over at the News & Observers' mom site - Triangle Mom2Mom - which can be accessed by clicking on the header.