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Monday, March 05, 2012

Beer Connoisseur

Spotted this can in the grass by the skateboard park last Sunday during my early morning Church of Skatin' session with my boys.

I thought about what breakfast might taste like in this part of town.

I was reminded of the fact that before I was a craft beer magazine editor, I was a malt liquor connoisseur.

Malt liquor helped forged a friendship with my fellow music journalist and reluctant catcher, Dan Epstein.

Dan once commented that Colt 45, "still tastes good warm."

Not so sure about that one Dan.

And an old neighbor used to always put a can or two of the Colt in his beer cooler "just to see who was man enough to drink it."

Many, many moons ago, in a pre-jackass world, I wrote a malt liquor review for the silly skateboard mag known as Big Brother.

I figured in this day and age of bit torrents, I'd find a link slash pdf of the malt liquor review.

Alas, all I found when Googling malt liquor reviews and the magazine was a link to myself.