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Monday, August 06, 2012

Lake Life and the Boat

One of the awesome things about lake life is the boat. I don't know how people could have a place on a lake and not have a boat.

At the beach, you can stare endlessly and aimlessly out into the ocean.

You can do the same with the lake.

But once you tire of that you'll need something else to entertain you, your family and guests.

I love the heightened state of awareness I get when I drive the boat. It reminds me a lot of being a bicycle messenger. You have to keep your head up and your eyes scanning the horizon twenty-four seven.

Unlike driving a car, or driving anywhere on our nation's system of roads and highways,a boat can go just about anywhere it wants to. And so can anybody else who is driving a boat (or, as they say these days, personal watercraft).

It's kind of what the untrained eye thinks of rugby.

Driving a boat demands your attention.

And I like that.