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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright


For backyard bonfires.
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Making Smores

We seized a rare moment last night to make smores over a campfire in our backyard.

The weather was just cold enough, the sky was clear, the moon was out and it just seemed like the right thing to do.

We also did the right thing and called the fire department to see if the open fire ban was lifted. It was... until this morning that is, so sorry for the jinx my friends. At least we got ours in.
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The Trail


So my wife acquired a split rail fence.

When she told me she got a split rail fence I assumed we were going to try and remake said fence somewhere on or around our property.


My wife wanted to use it for firewood.

Of course just about everybody we know told her you can't burn that shit in a chimney so she had to find another use for it.

There was a lengthy argument about her desire to use some of it to make a privacy fence and as usual I got badgered into completing the task.

But we were in unison on using the rest of it to make a trail to the far reachest of our backyard known as the Back Forty.

That's where the fire pit lives... and now a sort of hiking/biking trail.

The Backyard Beautification Process is now currently in progress...
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The Bridge... the Back Forty.

We had a bridge in place over this little creek before but it got washed away during a raging storm. You see, our neighbors haven't maintained their drainage ditch, er creek, probably ever as it's all overgrown and clogged up with God knows what so when the heavy rains come, it can cause minor flooding in our backyard.

Maybe this one will be able to weather the storms.

Of course, we're still in a drought and it rarely ever rains any more here.

And becausee it has only rained sparsely in the last six months the backyard has turned to dust.

Which means it turns to mud when it rains.

And we don't have a mud room.

Do the math.
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The Back Forty

We've called the overgrown part of our backyard the Back Forty since as long as we've lived here. The plot we have is half an acre but the old lady who was the previous - and original - owner had a little dog so she fenced in half of the backyard.

Over the years, we've toyed with doing something back there like building a gazebo or something. Then we had kids and now the kids are older and I often talk about building a bmx track back there.

I wanted a track, I got a trail.
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