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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cloris Leachman Just Killed It

I just came home from working a Sunday evening catering shift.

Exhausted from losing my lake virginity the day before, where I drank bastardized versions of Wild Orchids, rode jet skis and made a very feeble attempt to water ski (note to self: close mouth and let go of rope), I soldiered through a shit ass'ed catering shift.

My shift involved setting up for some extreme German baptism party only to have a storm roll in and have to move slash lift eight foot tables (with place settings) from the backyard to their wrap-around porch.

Channel surfing away from the Olympics, I stumbled across the roast of Bob Saget. Saget is most known for his role on the TV show Full House or as the host of America's Funniest Home Videos.

I watched a few mediocre comics roast the man.

Then Cloris Leachman came on.

And killed it.



Oh and Don Rickles made an appearance.

Suddenly I remembered a recent late night informercial on Dean Martin's variety show.

I had just labored through trying to finished the Nick Tosches biography on Dino before my recent trip to the Jersey Shore.

I never made it to the finish before it was due at the place where one of my friends works. I didn't want to return it all full of sand and stained with suntan lotion. Plus it's one of those dense as fuck books that would demand more attention that I could possibly give at this juncture in time, so I pledge to myself I would purchase a copy and return to it when I could better digest the Crocetti family lore.

Here's a clip from informercial I recently saw and what I think comedy is all about.