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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Linville Falls


Nature my friends.

Credit goes to my boys for hiking up this beast of a trail.

You guys rock.

But that piggy back the last half mile was unnecessary dontcha think?
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Why Is It?

That people have the urge to say "moo" when they see cows? It's like - and you parents out there can vouch for me - how people feel compelled to speak baby talk to your child.

"Oh Bobby is sooooo cute-da beebee baahh baahh goo goo," they'll say.

I've admit it - I've done both myself (although I can say that alcohol was a factor in the cow conversation).

Just sayin'.

So here I find myself in the passenger seat as my wife took this picture "mooing" to the cow, kids in the back providing their own moo soundtrack.

Finally I barked out, "Can we go now?"

This wasn't well received.

"Can't we moo at the cows," my wife said with a cheerful giggle. "Oh my gosh."

I shook my head.

We drove off.

The cow mooed as we left.

I wondered what he said.
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Okay, so we didn't have much luck in the river that ran through it.

And maybe that's because I'm not some diehard fisherman.

I like to fish. Don't get me wrong.

But I'm more of a surf or lake fisherman.

We were smack dab in the heart of fly fishing country.

I lost a lot of hooks is what I'm saying... so we broke down and took the boys to a trout farm by Garndfather Mountain so they could catch some fish. It was sort of ridiculous: they supplied the rod & reel, bait, bucket and net. Yeah and even a pond full of trophy trout just for your pickin'! But we caught some fish, had them cleaned and took them home an ate 'em. Yum.

Plus, I got this picture out of it.
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Rainbow Trout

With toasted pecans in butter, topped with parsley and served with the beverage of your choice and a few wedges of lemon.

And brown rice.

Can't you just about smell it?
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