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Monday, March 31, 2014

Chip Away

My 10-year-old is a bit of a potato chip connoisseur.

And he is quite proud of the fact that he knows his way around the land of chips.

"I love potato chips," he said the other day as he snapped open a pack of Miss Vickie's Original Recipe Sea Salt that I had leftover from a lunch meeting.

"So what is the best potato chip?" I asked.

"Depends on the brand," he said while tossing a few in his mouth.

"Okay," I said. Then I bellowed out a brand and he would counter with his answer.

And this is how he broke it down…

Pringles: Sour Cream and Onion
Kettle Brand: Sriracha
Lays: Honey BBQ
Utz: Old Bay

The best he's ever had?

"Some I got from a friend in third grade. He had them at snack," he explained.

"And what flavor were they?" I asked.

"Bacon, egg and cheese," he said.

"Huh? Say what?" I retorted.

"They were some Asian brand," he explained.

"We need to hit up an Asian market and see if we can find some of those," I said.

"Definitely," he said.