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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No One Told Me It Would Be Like This


Notice the bruising, which goes from my balls all the way up my side clear on over the the bottom of my torso.

Think you move any of those muscles on a daily basis?

It's Tuesday and I'm starting to feel human again.

That is, I can actually poo without the help of Milk of Magnesia, I can walk from one end of the house to the other without feeling like my balls are going to explode, and I only say "ouch" every five minutes or so instead of saying it at every movement.

I guess if they told you what really was going to happen, most men would never have hernia surgery.
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Our Overgrown Garden


The corn was sweet but the cobs were small and stunted.

The strawberries were a no-show.

The zuccini has taken over most of the plot.

The mixed greens salad already came and went.

We're still waiting on the tomatoes to really come to fruition.

The peppers never amounted to anything.

But the garden was a nice little experiment of sustainabilty for the family.

You live, you learn.
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Sweet, Sweet Sunflower


We planted four sunflower seeds on the request of our youngest son.

Three fell victim to rodents, rabbits or the drought.

One survived.

It's almost as tall as the house.
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