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Monday, April 16, 2007

A River Runs Through It

The family spent a few days in the mountains last week where we stayed at a place around Linville Falls called Camp Creek cabin. We spent the majority of our time fishing for trout and looking under the rocks for salamanders. At night we made campfires and enjoyed the scenery.

It was the first time we had taken the kids to the mountains. When we do have the opportunity to take a vacation, being the beach lovers that we are, we usually head to the ocean. But this time around we figured it was time to show the kids what the mountains of North Carolina was all about. They got to experience white knuckle driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, saw Grandfather Mountain, Linville Falls and Linville Caverns.

All is all it was a really good time.
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The Family Garden

This thing was the subject of much debate for the past six weeks; what to plant and where to put it.

And finally, when it was all said and done, when it was built and the vegetables were planted foul weather came. And the weather hasn't been very good to our little project since - first came the freeze where we had to cover the plants or bring the potted ones inside. Of course the cat had a field day with the herbs. So we lsot a few to the frost and a few to the belly of our cat. Then came the torrential downpours and now we are experiencing the tail end of this nor'easter that is wrecking the entire East Coast.

Ah! The joys of DIY...
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Oh Little Birdie

A finch has made a nest in our shed right under a tray for paint and in a pan used for changing oil in our cars. Sure hope the little chicks don't come out three-headed...
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