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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Trail


So my wife acquired a split rail fence.

When she told me she got a split rail fence I assumed we were going to try and remake said fence somewhere on or around our property.


My wife wanted to use it for firewood.

Of course just about everybody we know told her you can't burn that shit in a chimney so she had to find another use for it.

There was a lengthy argument about her desire to use some of it to make a privacy fence and as usual I got badgered into completing the task.

But we were in unison on using the rest of it to make a trail to the far reachest of our backyard known as the Back Forty.

That's where the fire pit lives... and now a sort of hiking/biking trail.

The Backyard Beautification Process is now currently in progress...
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1 comment:

AMR said...

I'm jealous of your Back 40. Is there anything better as a kid than building a dam? Heck, I'm 34 and would likely spend hours out there myself just piddlin' around.