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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rob & Big

Tonight is the season finale and final episode of the MTV hit show Rob & Big.

If you pay close attention, you just might hear the Chest Pains song "Action!" tucked somewhere in the television show.

Below is the trailer for Season 3:


JonMcP said...

OK- sensing a conspiracy here.... my rss feed to you site is linking to a video or something of the Chest Pains in its MTV glory. But when I come out here the post is mysteriously missing... WTF? Gotta get my Chest Pains

greg said...

i tried to embed it from but it was going to the wrong part of the show - section 4 instead of section 3 - so i deleted it.

here's a link though:

JonMcP said...

cool... I saw it. That looks like a pretty lame show, but that's gotta be a little surreal to hear yourself as the soundtrack to an MTV show. How does that work? Do they pay you anything??

greg said...

yeah, we got some money for it.

money we probably won't see for some time as they are a big, giant corporation.

surreal indeed.