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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beer Cheese Fondue


Nothin' goes better with the first fire of the year then some noshable food.

Last night we enjoyed beer cheese fondue which consisted of 8 ounces Swiss, 8 ounces American, 2/3 cup of beer
(Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale), some Worcestershire sauce and corn starch (for thickening. Consumed by dipping a ripped up French bagette into it. Yum.

I've substituted all kinds of beers over the years but Sammies Nut Brown is by far the best. Guinness or any variety of stout works as well but please adhere my warning when I say to avoid domestic swill.

In addition to the fondue, I whipped up one of the more popular appetizers from my work: A seared tuna, avocado and chipotle mayo combo placed atop a tortilla chip. The downside to this one is that I tend to gobble down modest amounts of seared tuna during the prep process.
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Darren said...

That sounds great. We had a fireplace in our last place, but not in this house. If we did, I would have had a few fires this year already.