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Saturday, January 29, 2005

St. George Starring As The Jackal

Check the absence of line breaks you douchebag.

Vamos a playa, bi-atch.


st. george said...

Since when did I become the line break douchebag? I was defending you and now I'm the douchebag? I was encouraging you into giving us, your devoted addicts, more soma. Now I feel like a U2 fan-site club member, pork-holed through my longjohns.

greg said...

looky here. seems georgey got offended?
sweet, sweet george.
you need to go back and see what you said.
i believe it was something like "can't blog to save his own sperm." yeah, that's encouragement for ya.

besides, i know yer all about Trail Of The Dead message boards anyway.

st. george said...

Kindly refer to Jan. 24th "I Know Me Too", "Can't blog to save his sperm" was posted by anonymous. I Am St. George, the patron saint of war. Your defiance is most certainly a hopless case.

greg said...

indeed, st. george, i am a "hopless case."
haven't hopped in years.

not since peter rabbit brought over that blotter acid in '97. and oh boy, did w/ hopelessly hop.

also was the first time i went back into the womb.
(re: T. Rex)

i'll never tell another person my ideas cuz seeing Donnie Darko ripped off just about led me to suicide.

Man that acid was good. better than U2. or that cheesy new incarnation of Trail Of The Dead w/ 2 drummers. Didn't Genesis already do that?

st. george said...

Boy what was I thinking? With the amount of beer you drink you haven't seen a hopless case in years. Oh, and I believe you are way off 'Trail'.