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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Panic In The Streets

Oh Lord. Weather forcast calls for 3-5 inches of snow with a half an inch of sleet/ice coating it by nightfall. My wife got caught up in the news hype machine and dragged the whole family out to Target for batteries and essential food items. I had done a quick grocery store run yesterday eliminating us from being the eggs, bread and milk kooks.

I always wonder why those are the three items people clamor for? I mean if you lose power how are you going to cook those eggs? Put your milk outside and it will freeze. And man can't live on bread alone anyway. Isn't that what they say?

Our cart was filled with bottled water (look, one earthquake and a couple of hurricanes under my belt and you realize the preciousness of uncontaminated water), beer, diapers, and a firelog amongst some general necessaties.

I got a hunch we here in central NC won't see much of the white stuff. The way it works here, we'll get two inches of ice and an assload of power outages. I chopped some wood for the fireplace earlier this morning although I didn't chop that much as carrying a load of wood seemed like a bad thing to do what with the possibility of my vas popping out of my scrotum. Alas, I did managed to gather enough logs and sticks to keep a fire going for a good day or two. There's no shortage of stuff to burn in my backyard - it's just a matter of keeping it under cover and dry.

This is completely off topic: When did Tom Arnold take over The Best Damn Sports Show Period?

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