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Monday, January 05, 2009

Yum, Yum, Yum


I'm no chef but I like to cook.

This Christmas I got a Thai cookbook, but not just any Thai cookbook - I got the quick & easy thai.

So Sunday night I dove in and made yellow curry chicken with potatoes.


Total ingredients? 8

Coconut milk, yellow curry paste, chicken, chicken broth, potatoes, onion, fish sauce and brown sugar.

Doubly awesome.

Leftovers anyone?

[9 if you include the basil...]

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Matt said... me some Thai food

Suggadelic said...

You always seem to make me hungry while I'm at work. Dick.

AMR said...

No joke, my mother-in-law (Filipina) made this for dinner one night while we were up in WV. So simple and good. She even tossed in some squash -- I thought it would be too mushy but it wasn't.

Bill Smith said...

Greg, It sounds like you have Nancie McDermott's book. She also has a quick and easy Vietnamese book. She and her husband Will live her in Chapel Hill. Very Cool people.

greg said...

That's the book Bill.

Looking forward to tackling some Vietnamese in the future.