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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Not Feeling It


Some days you just feel like throwing in the towel.

Or maybe just throwing sand in the face of that which irks you.

It's been a long summer.

Very long.

And even though I love summer, sometimes it can even give you the blues.

I want the summer to end because I want to put all the voodoo behind me.

Yet when summer ends in just a couple of weeks, it will usher in a new phase in my life: my youngest will start kindergarten and I will begin the inevitable transition back to working full-time.

I want to work and look forward to it.

But when my youngest told me he was going to miss snuggling with me it took all of my strength to keep back the tears.

So here's sand in the face to a shitty summer and a little hardcore ditty to lift the spirits:


Suggadelic said...

Dude... I second that. Kick sand right into that motherfucker. And yes, a little Blue Cheer and Void will definitely lift the spirit...

AMR said...

A) F*** summer and all the bad shit that has happened to you and your family.

B) Praise summer because you met Squirrel, JMP and myself.

C) Kick ass with the work thing.