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Friday, August 08, 2008

Add Delete

Had to tidy up the Blogroll today.

Some bit the dust and others were welcomed to the family.


Phil said...

Oh man, did I bite the dust?

Or maybe I was never on there in the first place.

I'm so depressed now.

greg said...

phil, you've been added.

and yeah, Webkinz suck...

Anonymous said...


We rule.

Don't you forget it.

Spike Kinz

Anonymous said...

What's so wrong with Twitter?

greg said...

it gives you the jitters

Phil said...

All is well in the world tonight. Thanks for the add. I haven't touched my blogroll in years simply because all my current reads are in my Google Reader. Just so much easier that way.

AMR said...

I'm going to write a naive "WTF is Twitter?" post right now.

I see folks saying "I'm Twittering right now" on some of their blogs and I've even clicked on their "twitters" (is this even a term?). It just takes me to a page with that same "twittering."

I'm f'n lost.