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Friday, March 28, 2008

Chris Jones, This One's For You

Few people understand my love of NorCal and San Fran punk rock - and SF skate rock for that matter - like my friend Chris Jones. Chris has been a fixture on the Raleigh music scene for ages working at the used record store, playing in bands and doing sound at the local clubs. You can currently find him playing the drums in the two-piece garage rock band The Loners (

I saw Tales Of Terror once at the Wilson Center in D.C. back as a teenager and I hated them and thought they sucked. But then again I saw a lot of bands that sucked live. The Meatmen didn't. Anyway, Chris convinced me I should rethink my stance and slid me this burn copy of few years ago of their long-out-of-print debut LP as well as Rebel Truth and some other choice compilation tracks.

I suddenly felt the urge to revisit this record today...

I feel like gettin' ugly...

I feel like gettin'...


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