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Friday, January 04, 2008

Guitar Hero Heroes

My wife always swore that there would never be a video game console in our house.

And then came Christmas and the PS2 from her sister.

And then came Madden 08, NHL 07 and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

And then came the saddened cry to the world, "I've lost my family to Playstation!"

But that all changed when we scored the Guitar Hero I & II bundle off of craigslist - complete with two wireless guitars - for $100.

Then the family spent the waning hours of 2007 standing in front of the family room TV taking turns at songs like Danzig's "Mother," Cheap Trick's "Surrender," and Wolf Mother's "Woman" to name a few.

And now my wife is a video game junkie on her way to being a Guitar Hero hero
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Whit said...

My wife was the same way, but we don't even have Guitar Hero. She was won over by a Marvel game. She loves her some Wolverine. Go figure.

greg said...

well what's not to love about some Wolverine?

guess she secretly wants to get in touch w/ her inner beast eh?

HoorayForSaturday said...

I've got a PS2 also and all I play is Madden football. Once we had kids I stopped buying games except for the updated Madden.
I've played Guitar Hero and I don't dare buy it, I would never get any sleep. said...


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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Playstation two, is it possible to attach the 7" screen to the original thick model or does the 7" screen only be attached to the slim model?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of buying Playstation 3 for my sone. Since different brands can be played on the Wii, is the same true with playstation 3? Can playstation 2 games be played on playstation 3?