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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Food, Glorious Food


It's been some time since I wrote about food despite that fact that the holidays innudated me with fine grub so I'm going to try and get back to doing more food posts.

Yesterday I made beer brats with carmelized onions and dijon mustard served with "chips" (as those Brits like to say).

Take notice of the paper plate: in my wife's quest to reduce water usage in the midst of this crazy drought the Southeast has found itself in, she has taken to paper products.

So we've traded one problem for another.

It's always something ain't it?
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Whit said...

Man, that looks tasty. Wash it down with a nice pale ale and you've got day well spent.

Dan E said...

Nothin' like a good beer brat. I find that parboiling 'em in malt liquor (preferably Colt 45) before they hit the grill is the way to go...

(GodDAMN you're making me hungry — and I just finished lunch an hour ago!)

AMR said...

Beer brats are delicious, but there's something about the green and yellow plate and the orange "chips" that make your particular plate of food look more like something my Mar-Mar produces after a bowl of peas and some apple juice . . .

just use a white plate!