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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Is Santa Real?

My 4-year-old walked into the family room this weekend and proudly proclaimed that Santa Claus is not real.

"Who told you that?" I asked.

"Nobody," he said. "I just know."

"Well that's news to me because last I checked Santa was real," I said.

His brother never really questioned the existence of Santa until recently. The last two years we've taken to writing their names on presents from Santa left handed so that they wouldn't be able to recognize our hand writing.

This year my 7-year-old said he was going to ask Santa for his autograph because then he'd know it wasn't me - because after all - I would be asleep when Santa came to deliver the goods. This is the same kid who asked me how Santa got into houses that didn't have fireplaces; we need to update our folk tales quickly if we want to keep up with the future generations.

I've gone to great lengths already to preserve the lore surrounding Christmas.

  • For instance,there was that Rudolph story

  • My youngest also told me that the Santa at the mall was fake. I rallied and explained that Santa can't be everywhere during the Christmas season so he has people stand-in for him. "The elves are fake too Dad," he said.

    If you were at the mall, you probably saw the wind go out of my sails at that moment.

    "Yeah, those are fake elves," I said.

    Then we sat there in silence watching kids get their pictures taken on Santa's lap.

    2 comments: said...

    Regarding Santa getting into homes without a fireplace, my mother sent us a "magic key" that Santa can use to get into the house. So our kids can put the key out on Christmas Eve and Santa uses it to get in, since we don't have a fireplace ourselves. I found it amusing that somebody had the foresight to develop a product for Santa to get into homes without a chimney. I'm not sure where my mother found it, but I'm sure you'd find it if you Googled it. Merry Xmas!

    greg said...

    a key, there's ALWAYS a key.

    or a ring.

    or a tiki.

    or something...