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Monday, December 17, 2007

The B Brothers Live


Where my kids get some of this stuff is beyond me.

Anyway, the B Brothers played their show on Saturday. I didn't have a mic for the vocals so it's pretty much awash in noise but you still get the overall vibe of their performance. I'd tried to post the mp3 but apparently BLogger won't let me.

The Set List:

-Life Is A HWY
-Tony Hall (aka Tony Hawk)
-Gems Today
-Snake Attack
-Hard Cour Wreslers (that's hardcore wrestlers, yo!)
-Hot Wheels Beat That
-Race Track
-Go Kart
-Kids From The Future
-Soul Boy
-Run, Run, Run (which features the nugget, "one thing you can't run from and that's yourself")
-Shark Attack

All songs from the forthcoming CD The B Brothers in Outer Space...
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Jeff said...

Let us know when they play a bigger venue than say, the living room. Can you imagine being able to say you saw the Ramones for $2?

Whit said...

Rock on!

Osmonds, look out!

Dan E said...

Can you get them to do a whole album of "attack" songs? "Snail Attack" would be rad...