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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Rides! The Rides!


My 7-year-old wouldn't shut up about going on the rides. From the moment he was informed that the family was going to the NC State Fair, that's all he would talk about.

Then we got to this junior roller coaster.

He changed his mind.

My wife was bummed.

We used to be coaster afficianodos before we had kids: Magic Mountain when we lived in Los Angeles and Kings Dominion in Virginia were once-a-year at best destinations.
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Kevin said...

I love, or used to love roller coasters (it's been a long time) But I can't even take my son on the carousel without getting dizzy. Something about circles that don't agree with me.

greg said...

yeah i don't do any rides that go around in a circle because i makes me dizzy and light headed.

hell, sometimes that happens on a swing...