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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The NC State Fair


So we went to the NC State Fair this past weekend. We opted for the early Sunday morning trip figuring - being the aethist heathens we are - that we'd beat the church goers by a few hours.

But it was still crowded as shit.

Kudos goes out to my kids who kept their chins up during 30-45 minute waits in line for rides, getting let down by not winning that giant, stuffed animal at the softball toss and long walks around the fairgrounds.

They didn't bitch once which is more than I can say.

We did see the racing pigs.

That's something you must see at least once in your life.

I believe they call it local color.
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Darren said...

I've never liked fairs much...except for the food. Still, we hit one or two every fall.

Kevin said...

We are with you on that Sunday morning plan. You can go anywhere around us on Sunday morning and no traffic whatsoever.
Four wonderful words....
State Fair Funnel Cakes