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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Caught Up On Catching Up?


Two weeks just fly by.

Chest Pains played our second gig.

Masotodon blew the roof off the Cat's Cradle.

Had life affirming experience at band practice when my guitar player's Mexican neighbors invited us into their practice space, played a 30 minute set of whatever it is that they play (country? sung falsetto and backed by a polka beat), the asked us to step up and play. We played one song. The Tim left and returned with his amp and Fender guitar. Played two more songs. Got greeted by chants of "uno mas! uno mas!" and "my first time hearing American heavy metal!" Then retired and let the Mexican guitar player and his brother on drums take us through a Stones-like romp of Mexican rock & roll. Epic. More on this later.

Father-in-law got menigitis. He's okay now.

Son Cole turned two.

Saw the most fucked up movie: The Saddest Music In The World.

I'm sure more happened.

Enjoy the abridged for now.


Anonymous said...

What's better than sucking down foggy bottom ales and updating my internet posts at the Zoo Bar?

I give up.

Big up from you boy.


O'Grady said...

One can't be called a webmaster if he's merely a zookeeper.

O'Grady said...

I should know...