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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Power Of Suggestion

I was knee deep in work bullshit and my tummy was growling.

I was lurkin' in the murky world of Twitter when I saw a tweet about food: OnlyBurger was going to be at Sam's Quik Shop pushing their special of the day.

The Bacon & Blue with Red Onion Jam.

Doesn't that just sound divine?

Well it did to me.

So I shuffled over to the beer store parking lot then saddled up and placed my order.

And man was it fucking delicious.

Epic even.

I want another...


Donny said...

dude, I get one of those every thursday...and I always want another

AMR said...

Awesome. Your first post in months is about a burger. Let's bag our parenting blogs and just go food/beer for now on.

Oh, and while you were skating on Sunday my family DID go to church. I, however, went for a run. DAD O' THE YEAR (or at least dad who runs his own s*it every once in a while).

gabrielle said...

I think Only Burger has the best damn burger around here. Try the fried green tomato and egg burger sometime if you can- it's a thing of beauty.