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Sunday, June 07, 2009

They're Back!

A few years ago we had a couple of Carolina wrens build a nest in our shed. I startled the chicks one day and they all scattered about.

I thought I had chased them away.

But a little research told me that they mate for life and are territorial. So I wasn't that surprised to find another clutch of eggs a few months later.

Last year they got an early start laying eggs in mid-April.

So I was surprised to not see my little wrens around this year. They were noticeably absent year both in song and sight. I had discovered one nest by a bush out our front door but that turned out to be a robin's nest. It turns out that they too are monogamous.

Then I discovered a nest outside my bathroom window but the bird's call was distinctly cardinal.

I couldn't help but wonder what happened to my wrens.

And then today, just a short while ago, my son went to get his bike out of the shed and said a bird darted out at him.

Sure enough, my wrens have returned...


AMR said...

Ween -- awesome. Fighting wrens? Your boys best be careful.

c said...

YES! hoping to catch them in a few weeks in baltimore and DE. thank you for posting little birdy.

good luck with the wrens!

cIII said...

Wrens.....can suck it. One made a nest in my kayak once. Which left me landlubber-ish and pissed off.

Ween!!! Thanks for that! (I really dig the country Album they put out.)

As a Hombrewer, (best batch to Date was a Barleywine Style Ale that came out at 10.5 on ye olde Hydrometer and was better after 6 months or so.) I must say, "Cheers, Sir!"