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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Off To The Races

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"I'm ready," said Cole.

"He's ready!!" said the neighborhood kids in unison.

My wife came in from outside.

"He's ready Greg!" she said.

"Okay great," I said. "Cole is ready."

"Quick," she said. "Come take off his training wheels... he's ready to ride a two-wheeler!"

I dropped everything and dashed outside.

Tools where handed to me.

"Wrench," I said.

I felt like a hunky doctor on a popular TV show.

I removed the training wheels safely and checked the tires to make sure that they were inflated to the correct pressure.

Cole saddled up as his friends looked on.

But the backyard proved to be too muddy so we moved our bodies to the front yard. The kids cleaned up all the pine cones just in case so Cole wouldn't fall on them. And then mom gave him a push and he was off, turning around half way down the front yard to see if she was still holding on.

He saw that she was not.

"Again, again!" said everyone.

But the front yard was proving to be too small; it didn't offer up the space he needed especially if he wanted to turn around. So we all walked up to the street and BAM! off he went.

I remembered when Spencer got race fever and demanded that his training wheels be removed. Spencer was 4 at the time, Cole is now 5 and a half.

Now Cole is officially part of the crew, the posse, the OBC.

It's moments like this (and this one and that one) that are the true rewards of parenthood and being a dad.


JonMcP said...

Whoa! We just got Jane to figure out the tricycle. Definitely not ready for this.


Brian Yaeger said...

Did my girlfriend put you up to blogging this? I had recently told her how I learned to ride a 2-wheeler by 5, and how sad it is that my nieces, the older one being 7, still can't. This led to a near-discussion about how we would parent, theoretically.

Can we borrow that clubhouse when yours grow out of it?

Matt said...

Dude, I didn't get the training wheels off till I was 7, now I'm hell on wheels!!
The wife read this entry over my shoulder. Her only comment was, "That's a terrible label."
My reply, "I think it's pretty funny."
Her reply....the eye roll.
The eye roll means she thinks I'm a 12 yr old trapped in a hunky stud muffin's body.

greg said...

ha! I'm a 12-year-old trapped in a hunky stud muffin body too!!