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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Recycling Bin Of A Beer Magazine Editor


Unfortunately, no Duff Beer in there.

Spot any of your favorites?

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Robbo said...

Fuller's ESB
While I was living in England that was on tap at my local rugby-watching pub. It's pretty strong, 5.6+ I think, so if you were on ESB, you either weren't going to be around for many rounds, or you meant to get really drunk that night. A good beer, but not for 3pm kick-offs

Robbo said...

Stella Artois
aka "Wife Beater"
example: "Need another beer, Rob?"
"Sure mate, thanks"
"What are you on?"
"I'll have a Wife Beater, thanks"

The word in England was that Stella, being a stronger lager, 5.4, made you want to fight, or at least beat your wife. There is good reason to believe though that it is related to Marlon Brando's performance while wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, aka wife-beater: 'Steeelllllaaaaaa! Steeeelllllllaaaaaa!!'

AMR said...

Do you get your beer free? If so, why would we ever not travel to Durham for dad conventions?

greg said...

welp, we should start planning one then.

we have a beer festival in raleigh April 24...

AMR said...

I'm actually going to work on Doc for a weekend away to attend -- it's on a Saturday, correct? Hotel nearby?