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Monday, December 01, 2008

This Is A Post About Bacon

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As if I didn't eat enough food the past few days, I had to finish off the weekend with this shrimp dish:

Fry up some bacon.

Take some of the grease
and cook the shrimp in it,
salt and peppered.

Remove shrimp to paper towel'ed plate.
Add more grease to the pan
and toss in a bag of cabbage and

Splash it
red vinegar.

Stir cabbage in pan until
almost wilted,
but still crisp.

Now toss back
in the shrimp
with the cabbage.

and garnish
with bacon bits.


Suggadelic said...

Dude. Reading your blog is totally gonna make me fat.

greg said...

Dude, I totally am getting fat.

AMR said...

What if I passed on the vinegar? Is the acid necessary? Could I go w/ lemon instead?

AMR said...

Ok, trying again -- can I go w/ lemon over vinegar? Just not a big vinegar fan (except in my bbq sauce).