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Saturday, October 25, 2008

All About Beer


Years ago, when I was a music editor at the local weekly newspaper, everyday the postman would drop off a US Mail tub in my office overflowing with CDs.

My co-workers would drool at the endless supply that would arrive. I would assure them, that while yes it was cool to receive unlimited numbers of promotional CDs, the simple fact was that most of them just wouldn't be that good.

Times have changed.

I work at a beer magazine now.

The mailman stills comes everyday with packages.

Only now they contain craft beers to be sampled for our review section.

Something tells me the ratio of good versus bad in this scenario is going to fall more on the side of good.

I'm just sayin'...
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Whit said...

That's so cool, but you know that. Let me know if you come across a maple porter. I'm in the market.

Matt said...

Hey Greg

Matt here from Ben and I are definitely interested in meeting with you. Drop me a line at Look forward to hearing from you soon.