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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Have Mercy

I had to wait for the bus again today.

In the pouring rain.

Fay came... although a few days ago they said she wouldn't.

And she was about as exciting as a Larry Brown novel.

My sons came off the bus and started to run for the cover of my umbrella.

"Where's your raincoats?" I hollered to them as they were in mid-stride.

"Cole left his at school," said my 8-year-old third grader with a flash drive.

"And he left his lunch box too," he said.

"Wh-wh-what?" I gasped.

"Go easy on him dad," he said,
"It was his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!"

And how was his first day of school?

"Great," said Cole.


AMR said...

"Go easy" -- one of my favorite sayings.

Rain is good, though.

greg said...

i know we need the rain... i just find it ironic that the first day of school for my kindergardener it fucking rains like a banshee.