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Sunday, July 06, 2008


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Last summer I wrote about a new beer that I discovered.

Despite the fact that the hops crisis is driving up the price of beer to ridiculous amounts (first gas, now beer, what's next?) I have not made good on my claim to switch over to wine.

While the Two Hearted is mighty tasty, it packs a wallop on the alcohol content meter, so I when I wondered into my local beer store and saw my friend J-ME from NC metal gods Tooth behind the counter I asked him if he could recommend a beer- a good tasty summer brew that would quench my thirst but not pickle you too bad if you tackled a six'er.

Without even blinking, he walked over to one of the many beer coolers, picked up a six pack and handed it to me.

I don't know what's better about this equation: walking into a beer store with thrash metal blaring out of the boom box or having counter help that knows exactly what you want to drink.


Aaron Bennett said...

Brew your own! I drink exactly the beer that I feel like drinking; made with essentially no regard for the cost of the ingredients. Since I make all-grain beer and do my own mashing, 5 gallons of the best beer in the world costs me between $20 - $35 depending on the style.

5 gallons is 60 pints. That is, somewhere between 20 and 60 cents per pint. Of course it takes about 6 hours to put a batch together but it makes for a good hobby and as a rule my time is cheap. I've got a few buddies who share the habit, er, hobby, and we get together and crank out a couple of batches in an afternoon. One month later, draft beer at home. Can't beat it.

greg said...

plus, i would just drink that much more.

Whit said...

They also make a Brown Sugar beer during the fall/winter that is awesome.

I used to love wine, but lately I'm just not feeling it. Or whiskey. I've just been doing beer. Must be the heat.