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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They Found Our Car



Not so much.

As you can clearly see by the following pictures, the car is trashed both inside and out.

But the dude had enough sense to get himself some air freshener.

No doubt with change from the console of my car.

Nice job dude.

In the car were stolen goods (clothes), needles in the glove box (heroin? or just a diabetic thug?), bolt and wire cutters because no car should be outfitted without them, and an all-black Atlanta Braves baseball cap (gang affiliation?).

My only hope is that some kid found the CDs and is now turning on his friends to great bands like Turbonegro, Metallica, Zeppelin, The Nomads and Three Mile Pilot.

Maybe they'll be an art rock slash metal scene sprouting up in East Durham's hood in the next few years?
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Chag said...

Man, this still sucks. Sorry you weren't able to salvage anything.

AMR said...

You didn't mention the needles. Nice touch.

I'm still replaying this -- your car was stolen in a church parking lot while you were attending a pre-school graduation. This is how shitty the economy is right now -- people are going to be stooping to ever new lows.

greg said...

i know.

i know.

nuking futz eh?

Darren said...

So now you get a damaged car back? That's almost worse. Sorry.

Dan E said...

Is the thing at least sufficiently totaled that you can get a big insurance pay-out and get another? Or do you actually have to fix the fucker?

Suggadelic said...

Jesus! I was about to write you and ask what became of all this... Sorry the car was returned to you in this condition. Please tell me they put the fuck right back where he belongs, in jail!

Jeff said...

I guess I have to be the one to do this. I stole the car. I shot the heroin. And the sheriff. Hells yeah!

Let me know if you need to borrow the car - but no ghost riding the whip.

greg said...

jeff, you shot the sheriff (and the heroin) but did you shoot the deputy?

TwoBusy said...

That. Sucks. Hugely.