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Friday, May 30, 2008

F&%$in' G*d@mn Ticks

I found a tick on my ass this morning.

  • this has happened before

  • and sometimes it leaves you with

  • shit like this

  • So I put the fucker into a zip loc bag, signed the date and made a note of its placement on my body with a Sharpie:

    "5/29/08, left buttocks"

    I think I'm going to just bathe in DEET this summer.


    Whit said...

    Two words: Nair that shit.

    Matt said...

    Frontline Plus works really well for ticks. Just apply between your shoulder blades and your natural movement will distribute the "medicine" all over your body. Just remember to take your collar off or it will absorb a lot of it. Hope this helps!!

    greg said...

    whit: so no hair means no ticks? how come i never see bald hippies?

    matt: if i can ever get this dog collar off, i'm runnin' straight to PetSmart for some Frontline. ruff ruff.

    Jeff said...

    HA!!! Where were you keeping your ass?

    AMR said...

    Pulled one off my leg the other day -- tough bugger. Really can't wait to camp in your backyard now. A "Tick Pick'in" Contest sounds like fun.

    Black Hockey Jesus said...

    I'm very sorry to hear about the tick on your ass.

    JonMcP said...

    I found one on my leg at the freaking beach last week about three inches away from a very private area. I didn't know ticks lived out there.

    greg said...

    maybe he had been along for the ride?

    because i'm not sure they live down there either.

    i'd check yo self again.

    Anonymous said...

    be fo yo