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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Everybody Knows About The Bird

A couple of days ago, shortly after his bath, my 4-year-old waltzed into the family and said, "Dad look!"

I turned to see him standing there, fingers balled into a fist with his middle finger in the air.

I said nothing.

He stood there.

"Look dad!" he said this time shaking his finger at me with an angry face.

At this point I wasn't sure what to think or say and - quite honestly - began to wonder just where in the hell he learned this gesture.

A few moments passed while I began to formulate a reply before he spoke again.

"Look! I have a CUT on my finger!" he said.

This was followed by a "sheesh" and then: "Can I have a band aid?"

1 comment:

mom in zebulon said...

love it! my dad once confronted me with a packet of small tissue paper squares used in home perm kits and wanted to know why i had zigzag papers. i gave him a totally (sincere) blank look and said "what are zigzag papers?" and he mumbled something and wandered off...