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Monday, January 21, 2008

Might As Well


I was a music editor at a local weekly and my job involved - or so I thought at least and one could call it research - going to see a lot of shows.

But unfortunately, we had a limited budget for freelancers and back then a photographer had to incur the cost of film & processing plus their time and energy for an assignment [uh, analog]. I felt bad only being able to pay them what I could pay them so I took to taking pictures myself (satisfying my latent desires under the guise of "job responsibility").

This is a picture of Mac McCaughan eating a fish taco. I believe this was part of a story I wrote about Merge Records turning ten.

Or maybe it was just for a new record they had released.

Back when they released new records and back when I had the time to write about people releasing new records.

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JonMcP said...

Cool- my wife passed out at a Superchunk show and cracked her molars. You know, I don't think we've been to a show since...

greg said...

i need to party with your wife...

JonMcP said... was from heat exhaustion or something. She spilled the other half of the only beer she was nursing when she wiped out. I donno... I can't really see someone getting too banged up at one of Mac's band's shows.