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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bands and Beers and Shit


Over the weekend I was the doorman at a local hotel and bar for an event called
  • Elvisfest

  • It was about twenty bands over two nights with the catch being that each band had to include two Elvis songs into their set.

    As you can probably imagine, the place was crawling with pompadors, chain wallets, chubby Betty Page wannabes, and plenty of tattoos. There was capes, kilts and cowboy hats.

    All things considered it was a fairly sedate crowd and there wasn't any problems with the general douchebaggery you get anytime you have that many bands in one place. Although I did catch shit from putting on people's wristbands too tight and marveled at how skinny some women's wrist can be.

    There was a lot of people and a lot of those people got drunk.

    At the end of night two some guy stumble in the door with a handful of stickers and gave me one. It pretty much summed up the general attitude of the weekend.

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    Whit said...

    Sounds like fun.

    greg said...

    from a people watching aspect yes.

    at time it was painful...

    Matt said...

    I love your blog. It's simple and funny. Good stuff.